“I have big feet. Strong feet … not elegant!”

Dear Reader,

So it’s been an interesting day her in Southern China to say the least …

Woke up in the morning with my head still full of various “interesting permutations” of what will happen with the Princess Sherry saga – which still hasn’t come to any sort of conclusion by the way – and ended up finishing the second Volume of Submissive Musings in Mainland China – which features the Princess herself, no less!

Server issues are preventing us from putting the sales page up – should be resolved soon though – fingers crossed on that one, and I’ll update as soon as the Volume is up and running!

And now on to another topic – the main “topic” of the day – that being Madam Sophia – or perhaps I should say “Goddess” Sophia – or, as I’ve been referring to her as, Princess Sophia!

I was browsing through one of my wechat groups this morning while thinking of this and that, and her picture just jumped out at me – and those eyes, oh, those piercing, probing oh-so-deliciously-dominant eyes just seemed to bore straight through me, and before I knew it, I sent her a “friend request”.

I didn’t expect her to “accept” it. After all I don’t know her – or I didnt at that point – but then again – vibes, my friend. Vibes, vibes and more vibes, and before long it was clearly evident my initial gut feeling about her was SPOT ON.

And in this case, initial pleasantries were limited to the very basic!

One of the things we spoke about was Madam not being able to sleep well at night.

“I didn’t sleep well last night. No good mood!”, she complained.

“You need to exercise more”, I said. “And probably get a nice, relaxing foot massage as well…”

“No time”, she admonished (or seemed to, at any rate!). And the way she said it, she might as well have added on “boy!” to it, much like the esteemed and one and only Sophia Bai often did …

Then it was on to the other important topics, of course!

“How much deposit do you have in your account?”, she coolly asked. Bear in mind we barely knew each other at this point, but the way in which she asked me literally made my blood race …


“Money, I mean”, she retorted.

“How much money did you make at your last job?”, was the next question.

And yet another one of these interesting question was “How many girlfriends did you have before?”

Now, all of this, mind you, when she barely even knows me, and yet the sheer confidence with which she asked me is by itself such a big turn on that I’m sure this one will end on a very interesting note!

Now, of course, I didn’t answer her questions directly.

And her reaction?

“This is the difference between Asian women and Western Women!” she smugly proclaimed. “Asian women like to be treated as Princesses. As babies. As Queens…”

“Of course ,Madam”, I said, feeling every bit as shy as the emoticon I used.

“That’s why I’m calling you a Princess!”

And the crux of all this happened, funnily enough, when discussing FOOD.

Chicken feet (and other items that you normally wouldn’t even consider looking at, let alone eating – think bugs, intestines, and snakes for starters) are considered delicacies here in Southern China, and she asked me if I liked spicy food.

I said, yes, of course I did – because I do. I love spicy food – especially food from Hunan province in China.

“I hate those spicy chicken feet, though!”, said Madam.

” So do I!”, I chimed. “Lady’s feet are beautiful! But chicken feet, um…”

She giggled.

“My feet aren’t beautiful. They’re big, and strong … and not elegant at all!”

Little did she know that the size of her feet is hardly important – and neither is her age – or anything else. When there are sparks and vibes of the nature I mentioned emanating from a woman, she could have the dirtiest and most unpedicured feet – but I’d still prostrate myself at them and beg her to … well … I’m sure you get the drift, my dear reader!

She wouldn’t believe me, of course, but a part of her was secretly pleased – as it should be. 😉

And there’s more to this tale, my friend. Much, much more – but for now, thats enough for this email – and it’s off with me to do laundry. Maybe I’ll be fortunate enough to do Princess Sophia’s one day as well. We’ll see … 😉

For now, it’s adios. Until next time – and yes ,Volume #2 is on its way as soon as the server issues are fixed – stay tuned!


Mike Watson

P.S. – If you haven’t read “Submissive Musings in mainland China – Volume #1” as yet – well – what are you waiting for, my friend? Head on  over here to do so right now – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/submissivemusings/


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