A mere GLIMPSE of her lovely soles ….

Dear Reader,

So, it was around 5:40 P.M. or so here in Southern China.

Yours truly was making his way back from an outdoor workout, and being it started to rain at the end of it all, I took an alternate route back home.

And boy was I glad I did!

As I walked on back home, I saw a girl sitting outside a rental agent’s office – busy on her spanking new iPhone – completely oblivious to the rest of the world.

This of course shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, especially in China, but what really struck me was this – as she was sitting, she threw off her shoes (slippers, I should say!) – and leaned back in her chair, with feet on the ground, one foot on top of the other.

And you know what that means don’t you?

This lovely Chinese Goddess had one foot resting on the toes of that foot – meaning a lovely broad ARCH was visible for all (or those interested, at any rate!) to see – and the other sole was entirely visible too – nary a blemish, mind you!

Now, I’m no stranger to lovely feet – and soles, obviously. And I’ve often said that mainland Chinese ladies have the most beautiful feet out there – and as I looked up, I noticed her fingernails were polished a shade of gleaming red – a professional manicure at that.

And the lovely face was there for all to behold, eyes on her phone, feet waving and dangling, completely oblivious to the effect she was having on me, my friend!

I wouldn’t be lying to say that the FIRST thought that popped into my mind was to prostrate myself before this Goddess, literally BEGGING her to use me – demean me – rape my wallet – wipe her stinky feet on me – humiliate me – the works – and laugh while doing so!

And while that might sounds extreme to some, it won’t for those of you that KNOW the effect a woman’s soles can have on you (the true foot fetishists and femdom enthusiasts, that is!).

While this girl’s feet were the loveliest I’ve seen in a while (and that’s saying something), often times, it’s all I can do to STOP myself from kneeling in front of her and making a fool of myself – but if I did – I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be far off from handing over my bank cards to her – and literally begging her to … ah, but we got into that, did we not?

And the best part of this is that it’s a natural pose for her – shoes off – completely comfortable and relaxed, and if that alone is enough to send the submissive men amongst us into a tizzy – well – then she deserves every bit of worship she can get!

Her feet have been uppermost in my mind ever since I saw them, and I didn’t sleep more than a few winks last night as those lovely soles kept coming back to me in my dreams, sneering at me, literally DARING me to go for it and prostrate myself before their owner …

Will I?

Well, I might – time will tell – but I do know I’ve been taking that route a lot more now – this morning included!

And again, for the true foot boys amongst you readers – you KNOW what I mean.

The mere sight of a lady’s foot – preferably the soles – is enough to arouse us as we have never been before!

To give that lady – that Goddess – special treatment.

To treat her like a Goddess. To obey her every whim and caprice, difficult as it might be. To kiss her feet. To be humiliated by her daily. To be less than chattel for her … and all for … 

… glimpse of those lovely soles – preferably planted straight on the footboy’s face as she counts his cash!

And the mere thought of this is so arousing that I better stop writing about it for now – or else!

Have YOU ever had an experience like this – or many?

Write back – let me know!


Mike Watson.

P.S. – Princess Joanie was the only other lady I remember whose feet had SUCH an impact upon me – as soon as I saw them, that is – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/manuals/humiliation-central/

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