“You know what a man’s tongue is for”?

Dear Reader,

So there I was, yours truly, chatting with a lovely damsel I “met” a few days ago online.

Actually, “met” would be the wrong descriptor. As so often happens, she added me online – out of the blue, apparently, and we started to chat.

She’s asked me for pictures of my dick etc before, and when I sent the first one, her comment was this –

“Send it again! Your dick isn’t hard enough!”

And although it was certainly harder than hard when I woke up – and took the picture – for some odd reason I’m never able to stay hard “in front of the camera, so to speak” – unless of course, I’ve got the right lady beside me, teasing me, humiliating me …and, well … you know the drift!

I never did end up sending her another pic, but she messaged me today in Chinese and hilarious as the translation was (as I’ve often spoken about in my stories) – here is what it said –

“You know what a man’s tongue is for, boy?!!”

And while I added the “boy” in there, she might as well have said that too, so well worded was the question.

“To lick you, of course”, I replied. “Do you like sucking dick – or being licked?”

And her answer was predictable, of course -and I don’t think I need to mention it here, do I?!

“OK”, I went on. “So I’ll be your bitch then!”

Giggle, giggle, and then the response. “Alright, you can!”

And we then got to talking about porn flicks.

“Maybe you can watch porn with me”, I ventured. “Many men, many cocks, many lovely, hard succulent cock and balls ….”

“I’ll lick you while you watch it”, I continued. “Like a true bitch!”

And while her peals of laughter didn’t quite “boom” through the phone, her response was proof enough that she was both laughing – and enjoying it – and why not??

Most “mainstream” porn shows men relaxed with the legs spread out comfortably as a woman – or multiple women service them – and yet, to me, there is nothing more arousing than the opposite i.e. a woman with multiple dicks servicing her – and the ones that aren’t hard enough?

Well, their tongues have a purpose to serve – to lick feet- balls – ass – armpits – – and certainly that cum as well!

It is indeed all about her, and as I finished off with “your satisfaction is the most important thing”, I could almost hear her nodding in appreciation with that look in her eye.

Hmm! I own you, boy! 

Ah that look, that vibe … and this is precisely the vibe, YOU too, my friend need to cultivate if you would like to attract dominant ladies to you like moths to a flame.

Believe me, I’ve spoken about how this works – and work it does – and if it can work for me – it’ll work for you too!

I’ll keep you posted on the multiple cocks as well. The last time I did that was with Madam Su – and we ALL know what happened in that regard!

All for now -I’m off to discuss dicks with her again. A cuck incarnate as it were, but hey – so be it!


Mike Watson

P.S. – And if you’re into being cuckolded, or being dominated in general – let’s admit – nothing quite turns on the submissive male quite as much as a rock hard COCK in front of him – straining at the bit, ready to go, eh? Princess Joanie knows this better than anyone else, and I still remember her … I always will … and that’s why SHE adorns the cover of Humiliation Central – which you can grab right here – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/manuals/humiliation-central/

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