Her smooth, soft and PAMPERED soles …

Dear Reader,

So I had a lovely dream last night – well a mixture of dreams actually. A “hodge podge” of dreams if I might say so, and the central part in one of my dreams was …

… a lovely lady, and for some reason I believe it was a lovely African American lady “dancing” to an adult movie on T.V.

I was down on my knees for whatever reason, and as she danced, she put her lovely foot in my lap. A long, slender leg – and a lovely, perfectly shaped foot – – with the sole oh-so-perfectly pedicured, and the color contrast between the chocolate brown skin and her sole so stark that I still remember the foot vividly.

Heck, I can almost smell her feet, and as (in my dream) she slid them over my nipples, it was instant hard on time!

In Garima Madam’s bitch, the prologue mentions part of the reason why I find black cocks so sexy.

I mention being at Madam’s feet – while she’s sleeping comfortably with her lover, who is in repose in bed with his legs spread wide apart – dick resting after it’s considerable exertions, the head still glistening and of course his FEET – the large, manly soles … and the color contrast with the dark skin!

That is one thing, but as I worshipped this foot in my dreams, I wondered why I was dreaming of an African American lady as opposed to a Chinese lady.

And then the term “pampered” came to mind – and kept coming to mind as I thought of that foot, and the lovely sole, and I spoke to Princess Cherry later on – a lady I’ve been chatting with back and forth over the last few days, a Chinese lady at that.

And we spoke galore about pampering, and how money is indeed important for a lady to feel safe, secure and pampered!

Cherry has a boyfriend, of course, but that doesn’t necessarily preclude my pampering her – with NOTHING in return except plenty of giggles and her feet, of course! 😉

We’ll see how it goes, but dreams are INDEED predictive, and the other part of the dream?

Well, out of the blue it just so happened that I spoke with a lady “Karina” – and while I’m not sure where she’s from, for some reason, that foot likely belongs to HER – and while I have no idea if I’ll be at her feet anytime soon – that foot sure was lovely!!

Takeaway from all this?

Pamper her – and pamper her a LOT – and she’ll love you – and dominate you all the more for it!

It really works, my friend.


Mike Watson

P.S. – For more on how one of the most pampered young ladies in Southern China, Princess Joanie takes FULL advantage of submissive men, click on over HERE – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/manuals/humiliation-central/

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