Why I love Madam’s tennis shoes

Dear Reader,

I’ve written often about the Indian Goddess that I see in the park out there on a regular basis – and her footwear, of course! 😉

And as of late, I’ve been seeing another lady in the mornings in the park – an older lady – and on the outside, nowhere near as attractive as the Indian Goddess I’ve referred to – – but a lady that has the look in the eye I refer to so often, and how!

The first glimpse I caught of her was actually her shoes.

She’s got two pairs of tennis shoes – one greenish pink in color, and the other a purple-black combo – both incredibly feminine combinations, and BOTH that I enjoy taking a look at – more than one look – every morning while working out!

For some reason, I’ve always been a huge, huge lover of tennis shoes on women – and this has been reflected in my writings as well.

Madam Carol had the sexiest, softest pair of feet I’ve ever been privileged to worship – – and the way she slipped those feet in and out of her lovely pink tennis shoes was a sight indeed to BEHOLD if you’re a foot lover – or submissive in any way, shape or form!

Goddess Priyanka would show up after her tennis matches, of course, and would slam her feet down on the table, waiting for yours truly to take her shoes off and wash those lovely feet – and then of course stuff her stinky socks in my mouth for hours on end – and if there’s ever a nastier smell than sweaty socks being put in a ziploc bag along with cheese and other “moldy stuff” – and then straight into your mouth, with your nostrils covered by sweaty soles – I’m yet to experience it!

As for this Indian lady I see in the park, well, those tennis shoes brought several lovely fantasies to me the minute I saw them.

She goes home, tired after her walk.

Water, boy!” she yells at the servant (no prizes for guessing who, hehe). That’s if the servant hasn’t met her at the door with a change of footwear, of course!

Once she’s comfortably seated, the servant takes her shoes off, peels her sweaty socks off, and immerses her feet in warm water, washing every inch of those lovely feet.

I haven’t seen this lady’s feet, of course, as opposed to the Indian Goddess, but hey – I’m sure she’s got lovely feet – it’s the vibe thing at work again!

Perhaps she’d smack on the head while I was doing this, or perhaps her friends would.

Do it properly, boy!

And all the while, the tennis shoes would be staring straight at me, and they’d be telling me all the while that THEIR status was higher than mine could ever be – or than I could ever aspire to be!

Ah, the joys of the female foot – finding, and submitting to the right LADY – and female footwear in general.

I could write tomes about it – and if you’ve read Cuck Central, well, there is a reason that Princess Joanies’s tennis shoes – the dirty soles in particular – are featured on the cover!

That’s it for today, then. I’ll be back again later!


Mike Watson

P.S. – By the way, her feet are featured very prominently as well on the ONE book that should rightly be an ode to HER and her alone (the sheer brazen nature in which she ordered me to buy her a dress was, well, mind boggling to say the least …!) – – and here is where you can see those lovely peds – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/manuals/humiliation-central/

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