Money, boy!

Dear Reader,

So, this morning I woke up “bright and early” at the stroke of 9 A.M. – which of course was an hour or so before when I actually and normally alight, hehe.

Yes – unless I’m chained to the bedposts by the ears like the imperious Madam Sugar so delighted in doing – or unless I’m “pressing her feet” all night long as I sometimes do, enjoy and write about all the time – I’m usually a solid sleeper, and have plenty of dreams, and am NOT a morning person to say the least.

Anyway, I woke up and rushed outside to workout – but before doing so I was talking to my S.O. about some things.

And after I bade her goodbye, and told her I was going to go workout – she stopped me – with a crooked finger, and imperious, knowing glance that seared straight into the very DEPTHS of my submissive pysche … and gave me an instant hard on, and this before it even proceeded into anything else!

Now the topic of conversation before this was her salon visit.

She was going to go to the salon, and while it might not be Miss V going to the salon, her salon visits are just as important, and sin of all sings, I forgot to … you guessed it … hand her the MONEY for her visit before I left to workout!

Of course, she could have easily helped herself from my wallet which I left at home – – but she didn’t.

She rubbed her index finger and thumb in the universal “money” gesture – – as I stared at her, nigh mesmerized.

My entire mind had been pre-occupied with working out – not fetish – and yet, the switch instantly turned on – or clicked, as it were once she made that gesture!

And then she said the actual words.

Money first, boy!

And as I gave her the money and left sheepishly, sporting a giant hard on, I figured I’d write about it when I came back – and now here I am, telling you about it!

This is of course but one of the gestures that is such a turn on in a D/s scenario. Her sitting on the sofa comfortably, with feet up on a table, and “waving you away” imperiously from her feet with a slim manicured forefinger pointed straight at you, along with a strict, knowing, SUPERIOR gaze is just as sexy, if not more!

And that is but one of the tricks to subtle dominance – oh so subtle gestures done just right that sear their way into both her and your consciousness, and emblazon the D/s seal all that more firmly onto your relationship!!

Anyway, I might have been consciously thinking of my workout, but my subconscious has been pre-occupied with fetish, of course, as it usually is – and that is what – as I keep saying – – I’ve been attracting, and it happened this morning with my S.O. too.

Last afternoon was a beautiful winter afternoon out in the park – – and I saw plenty of ladies barefoot on the grass enjoying sunning themselves – and showing them off to all that cared to look too, hehe.

This morning while working out I saw plenty of girls clad in tank tops, yoga pants and those oh-so-cute little pink shoes girls wear while exercising – as Madam Carol wore – and as so many other girls wear!

Thats another huge turn on for me – looking at her SHOES – and imagining myself literally under her soles – licking the grime off her shoes – and all the while not even haven seen her actual feet!

I posted a picture of Madam Pearl’s shoes on my Instagram account the other day – – quite a popular pic it was, and rightly so!

Anyway, so that is what has been going on around these parts as of late. As always, remember that she owns you – – and that her pleasure comes FIRST – and never, ever forget the money part of things either or else….!


Mike Watson

P.S. – If some of the above scenarios seem humiliating, well, they ARE – – and if thats your cup of tea, and humiliation done right is what you LIVE for – well, Humiliation Central is a book you really must have. Here is where you can grab it – –

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