Her strappy silver sandals …

Dear Reader,

So, I had another one of those intense vivid dreams last night … and who else better to show up in my dreams than the lovely Indian Goddess I’ve written about many a times!

Yes, her. The same lady I saw in the park a month or so while working out- and managed to see her more than once at that.

Sometimes I’d see her just as I entered the park. Sometimes just as I started working out. Vibes, vibes and more vibes – and what seems like coincidence never really is – it’s “meant to be”!

Anyway, so I haven’t seen her in person for a while now, but that doesn’t mean my mind has forgotten about her.

Quite the contrary, and last night I was “living” with her of sorts in a house full of other people – mostly ladies, but quite a few men as well. And what struck me about her in that dream is her lovely, “full” bare legs – – she showed me a glimpse of the BACK of her legs in her dreams – calves, hamstrings, the works … and …

lovely bare soles, one sole uplifted, both feet clad in incredibly SEXY silver strappy sandals, the straps extending all the way up to mid calf!

The soles were bare and wide, and somewhat clean, but whatever it was, I woke up with a gigantic hard on … and instantly had to write about it, so here I am, straight out of bed, writing about it!

And I’ve seen these sandals before. Oh yes, I HAVE – and these sandals – or a similar style, at any rate – were the sandals I bought for Madam Andy – a lady I met on wechat last year, and a lady – who – get this – captivated me so much through voice and chat (and mostly texts…) that I ended up buying her shoes the FIRST night we spoke.

Yes, that is right. The first night.

And I suppose her wechat post of “her feet being tired and needing to rest” at a busy railways station did the trick … as did her acceptance of the gift I (nervously) proposed to buy her.

And as I thanked her for it, it happened.

“Thank you, Madam Andy”.

“You’re welcome”, she replied, and then paused.

And then she asked me the following.

“Why do YOU need to thank me? You’re buying me the gift – I should say thanks!” she giggled.

“No you shouldn’t. You’re allowing me the opportunity to buy you a gift, and … ” my voice tailed off, embarassed. After all, I had just met her that day, and …

But I need not have been shy – or embarassed. My gut feelings in this regard are never wrong, and weren’t this time.

And though I couldn’t see her face – or read her lips in actuality – a SMUG vibe emanated from her next text, and a giggle, followed by “Yes, I agree” – and several “joyous” emoticons on Wechat sealed the deal.

A few days later she received the sandals, and sent me pictures of them.

It would have turned into a long term thing, I’m sure – but she got married shortly thereafter, which is all good, of course. I’ve mentioned before that her relationship status is her choice, and doesn’t necessarily mean femdom is out of the question – but for whatever reason, I then lost touch with Andy and apart from the occasional “Hi”, I have not spoken a lot with her since.

Who knows – maybe it was HER manifesting as the Indian Goddess in my dreams last night!

Anyway, I find strappy sandals to be incredibly sexy and attractive. There is something about them straps wrapping around a lovely bare female calf that does it for me – and judging by the sheer numbers of girls I’ve seen wearing ’em – it seems to be what does it for THEM too!

So if you’re buying a gift for your girl – or your Goddess – or just a girl you met somewhere and just HAVE to buy something for (if you get my drift ;)) – then these would be a great choice!

Anyway, that is it for now. I’ll be back again later!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Here is another great gift you can give her – a little manual that’ll teach her what she already KNOWS i.e. it’s all about HER – and take her innate dominance to another level altogether — https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/for-true-male-subs/

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