Slave conditioning – Part ONE!

Dear Reader,

I think I mentioned before I’m not in China at this point in time?

Well, yes – I DID – but yet, all I see around me these days, and have been for ages is Chinese – or those of Chinese origin or ethnicity – ladies -in a part of the world you’d think you’d find NONE!

We truly ARE what we think about – and what we focus upon (either knowingly or unknowingly) is indeed what I attract. Like moths to a flame, as I’ve often said before! 

Anyway, so last night I saw this gorgeous lady – with the most gorgeous SMILE – and loveliest feet every – at least, that I’ve seen in a while (and there have been plenty ;)).

It was her smile – and the “radiance” that emanated from her that struck me at first, and while her friend snuck a coy glance at me, so did she – except in that “nice yet high’n’mighty” manner that a lot of ladies have when they KNOW they look gorgeous – and expect the man to come grovelling after them (as they should!).

My first thought was to bend down and kiss her feet – regardless of the public area I saw her in. 

Regardless of what anyone would think. Regardless of how I’d feel. Regardless of  – – well, you get the drift I’m sure!

And though I didn’t quite have a wet dream again last night, I must say I “came close” – pun intended!

Now what does this “got” to do with slave conditioning you ask?

Well, plenty.

I’ve often mentioned in my writings and manuals that the FIRST thoughts that pass through your mind when you see a lady are the most important, and indeed it’s THOSE thoughts that’ll determine whether you’re a “submissive” success when it comes to finding the Dominant Lady of your dreams.

And ’tis true indeed.

My first thoughts were not of her legs – or “asking her out to dinner” – or “getting her in bed” – or a blowjob – or anything of that nature.

It was about her feet – lovely toes painted BRIGHT RED, and about prostrating myself at her feet, and simply kissing them – being reverent to a Superior Goddess, and nothing else!

About her laughing at me. About her “using me”. About me “buying things for her” (as I did with Madam Pearl!) – and so forth (and Madam Joanie as well, of course – how can I forget HER!). 😉

And that, my friends is the true mark of a sub – well, one of them, at any rate.

If you truly want to enhance your submissive vibe, then one thing you have to do is this – remember that sex, blowjobs, and even her vaginal area – is NOT for you (the last only if you’re orally pleasuring her!).

This is hard for most guys to do, but believe me, repeat it enough times to yourself, and really FEEL it – and you’ll din it into your subconscious until it becomes a part of you – and once it does – WATCH out.

You’ll literally be attracting dem dominant ladies to you like moths to a flame – and whats more – YOU, the sub, will truly enjoy submission and servitude as it was meant to be – all about HER, and her alone!

When actually having sex (ah, that was a long time ago wasn’t it? Hehe …) I could never ever “get it up instantly again” – despite being extremely fit. Despite having a high level of testosterone. Despite not having any issues with not being able to get it up. And thus forth!

Indeed, I’d often get it up after the first romp, only to have SUBMISSIVE thoughts floating about in my mind.

When it comes to ruined orgams – – or even “jerking for her” (one of the most humiliating experiences that a man can have – believe me, when your cum is treated as a commodity as are YOU, you’ll feel it! ;)) – – the exact opposite is the case.

As I’ve written about extensively in the Indian Goddess series, and the “party” that Madam Priyanka, Madam Pooja and Madam Mansi were a part of (and so was I!) – – cum is only meant to be either stored in the male’s body, NOT to be let out – or if it is, to be used for her amusement!

The amusement part has been covered galore in all my books, of course – but one interesting use I covered (again, in the Indian Goddess series) was this – to use cum as a lotion for cracked heels.

The sheey symbolism of a man being forced to look at nothing but her soles – and her friends’s soles (sometimes dirty and cracked!) and yet get it up three times in a row (not to mention ORGASM three times in a row) is not only humiliating to a T – but also an excellent way to din the fact into your subconscious – that fact being your orgasms only exist for her – and HER pleasure! 

Ah, the fun of it all … 😉

Anyway, thats it for now. That’s part one of slave conditioning – – and a tip you’d do well to incorporate into your life if you classify yourself as a TRUE submissive – and I’ll have more out in the future as well.

Watch this space – more “coming”, hehe.


Mike Watson

P.S. – While the above is ONE way to humiliate him, it’s certainly NOT the only way. And Humiliation Central has plenty of even more tricks, tips and techniques to completely debase, humiliate and emasculate “him” (I use quotes for a reason!) beyond ALL levels you previously thought possible. Here is where you can check out these ways – –

P.S #2 – The book is #1 on the drop down as well – and with good reason – it’s Princess Joanie’s feet right there on the cover! 😉

Humiliation CENTRAL

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