“You’re shameless”

Dear Reader,

So, I had another one of those very vivid dreams last night … and unlike MOST nights, this was one was succeeded by a … a .. yes, you guessed it – one of those occasional “nocturnal” emissions – or wet dreams, as I like to call it!

It’s no secret that I prefer to stay chaste – whether currently with a Lady or not – and any orgasms I have (if at all!) are usually ruined and sometimes occur without any direct contact with my penis too – a concept that by itself is mindblowing to a lot of guys – even those into the femdom that I have been ever since I can recall – and yet a powerful, powerful concept indeed in terms of strengthening and then solidifying that dominant BOND she has with and over you!

Anyway, I believe the last wet dream I had was on Sep 17, 2018 – and I wrote about how a guy whose cock I was very shamelessly and happily deep throating (a long, straight cock with the head ever so clear still in my mind’s eye) said to me “You chose to make yourself a bitch!

Of course, our subconscious has mysterious ways of manifesting itself – and the one of the ways it does so in DREAMS is to appear in different forms to us.

Sometimes, the “girl” talking to you may actually be your inner self revealing certain parts of yourself to you that you didn’t know about – or were scared to acknowledge!

Sometimes, the “macho male” in the dream may not be a macho man at all … and so forth! It’s really up to the dreamer to decipher these dreams, but anyway, so there I was last night (in the dream) chatting to a somewhat effeminate man.

A guy that was asking me for money for whatever reason – and a guy that was somewhat overweight, and had nice big luscious suckable NIPPLES.

As I denied his request for money (I’m yet to figure out that part of the money), I wasn’t sure if he was a guy – or a gal – or perhaps both!

And as he (she?) walked away haughtily I immediately started to suck his nipple – -much as a Chinese masseuse had done to ME many, many years ago when I was in a bad mood and about to walk away from the parlor (long story – I’ll explain more later) – and that was all she needed to do to keep me there, of course.

Apparently not in this dream though!

The dude responded with “I don’t like that!” and then lay down on some sort of a bed which somehow materialized in the dream.

And I could see bare legs in front of me – and a large luscious ASS – and it all seemed female at that point – and I’ve written about this many a times, of course, starting with the Indian Goddess series – – and pretty much in MOST of my other books on Chinese femdom.

“You’re shameless!” (or perhaps it was “I’m shameless!”) 

The words rang out in a haughty and again effeminate sort of manner, and I remember myself wondering if I should kiss her ass – and as I “wondered”, my hands start to massage “her” legs automatically.

And her soles. Her lovely, soft soles stared at me as I kissed them, and thats when it happened, of course.

The dam burst. The geyser erupted … and 5 weeks or so of NO orgasms at all came to a halt, hehe.

I still remember trying to control my orgasm in my dream – and I sort of succeeded at that. ‘Twas a partial orgasm – not full – but a pretty creamy load nonetheless!

Now, why do I mention all this?

Well, first, because of this – guys – there is nothing at all SHAMEFUL about having your nipples played with!!

I’ve mentioned this in my books and writings galore, of course, but there are guys that still don’t get it – plenty of them.

For some reason, guys brand themselves and each other as “gay” when it comes to nipple play – and while I never am /was a huge fan of classifications to start with – this particular one is the most ridiculous of the lot.

Guys – – and again, nipple play is one of the MOST pleasurable things you can have done to you – and believe me now and trust me later – – if you’re into femdom  – – it is one of the best ways, bar none, for her to CONTROL you in every aspect possible. 

Nipple play has been a central theme in all my writings and with good reason. A true “bitch” starts off by being a nipple slut – or at least TRYING to be one, and it progresses from there.

Believe me, she will love it too when she learns how to control you with a flick of her lovely fingers! 😉

And second, I bring this up to mention something that a lot of guys don’t get.

That being, when a woman talks to you – or when you pursue a woman – especially in the BDSM sense of things – believe me, her current relationship status isn’t something you should necessarily consider – especially not if she comes to you!

Many a times, ladies talk to me, and as we get closer – they say it themselves!

“Oh Mike! I must tell you something! I’m married – I hope you’ll still chat with me! ”

That above bit was something a lovely Madam Vicky (who I met recently) just told me.

Apparently she’s married, and likes to talk to certain other guys – and hey, I don’t blame her. She should have her cake and eat it too! 😉

But of course, guys have this hang up of talking “only to single women” – – one of the stupidest hang ups there is.

Not only does it severely limit your opportunities when it comes to BDSM – it also ensures that women in general aren’t going to be too “happy” about getting things going in the first place. After all, if you’re only interested in “single” women – and “getting laid” – I don’t think that says a lot about how or if you’re actually interested in HER!

Some of the best times – and femdom experiences in my life have been with married woman, and  I’m not shy – and pretty shameless, hehe – about talking about this in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” – and if I recall correctly – it’s one of the tips in there as well!

‘Tis all about HER, my friend – and on that sanguine note, I’m off for today.

Be back later!


Mike Watson

P.S.- And yes, if you’re into orgasm control – OR would like to explore it – it’s KEY to get used to having your nipples played with, teased, flicked, manipulated, and in general start to turn into a good lil’ nipple slut. More here – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/ruined-orgasms/


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