Talking to her FEET – and not her!

Dear Reader,

As you start getting deeper and deeper into your dream D/S relationship – there are many,  many ways you can spice up your relationship – and your life – both in the bedroom and OUTSIDE!

And yes – true femdom does NOT limit itself to the bedroom. True femdom does NOT need any special occasion or event or location to manifest, and neither does it require “play” necessarily (although that usually follows!).

True femdom is, well, just there.

It’s inbuit in the lady – – that look in the eye, her attitude, that casual, yet so meaningful raised eyebrow, or index finger, or combo therein

And since it’s always THERE in most ladies, the key thing to remember for you subs is this – TREAT her as an Empress as far as possible – sometimes literally!

Again, there are tons of ways you can do this – – and I’ve mentioned plenty of them in my manuals – as well as books – – but today I’ll go over one way that I have NOT covered before – at least not in my manuals! 😉

This one way is a sure shod way to humiliate your man like never before over the long term – and for you male subs – and especially foot fetishists, it’ll be like manna from heaven, or BETTER, given it’s a true Goddess that is sending it your way!

And that being – talk – not to her – but her FEET – and soles in general!

I’ve mentioned this often in my writings, and it was an integral part of my training with Madam Krystal as well.

Always keep your gaze down, and eyes firmly fixed on her feet, boy! 

The words still ring out loud and clear in mind, and as for Goddess Priyanka – as well as Madam Carrie if I recall correctly, they quite literally had parties where I’d be recognizing the ladies not by their faces – – but their FEET!

And while I certainly don’t recommend this straight up when meeting a lady – no better way to turn a lady OFF, by the way – it’s certainly something I DO recommend after you get to know her, and start to incorporate BDSM into your life.

It’s something that is easily doable – anywhere and everywhere, really. It’s something she likely won’t mind, but will giggle away at, and it’s also something that’ll embed your submission to HER as deeply into your mind as it’ll SEAR her dominance over you in hers! 

In ancient times, Emperors and Empresses in the Far East used to have their minions and servants bow upon greeting them – – and also to walk “backwards” out of the room with eyes downward, so that royalty never saw their backs – – and they never looked royalty in the eye!

In India, it used to be common place for indentured labor – and servants in general to “press their owners feet”, and wash them – or take their footwear off as soon as they entered the house – or even (and sadly, all this persists today in a NON FETISH setting – which again is sad) not be allowed to sit on the same chairs their employers sit on or use the same utensils, etc etc.

And so forth in the West too I’m sure, in days bygone!

And so – what better way to truly make her feel like a Goddess when there are extended periods during the day where you do NOTHING but stare at her feet, or better, her SOLES as you pamper them as they deserve to be?

I’ve done this a lot with Madam Pearl – – every night in fact. In fact, as I write about in many of my books, the soles actually took on a life of their own as I’d massage them, and as their owner slept comfortably, blissfully unaware of the “servant” at her feet, toiling away into the early hours of the morning (and sometimes all night!) – they’d actually TALK to me!

I’d see – not just feel – the foot relaxing, and by extension the entire body. I’d “see” the soles smiling at me, and telling me that “this is my true place in life!”

And so forth – and any true male sub that has really submitted fully to his Owner will know what I am talking about here.

Ditto for Carol (her of the lovely feet) – – and many, many other women I’ve been with over the years.

And here’s the best part – you’ll love it, and she’ll love it even more – and at the end of the day, there’s no possible better physical connection that strengthens the mental connection between Domina and sub even more than THIS sort of a connection!

So that’s the tip of the day. I’ll  be back again later!


Mike Watson

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