She has to enjoy it first!

Dear Reader,

I had a few interesting dreams last night. Nothing out of the ordinary for yours truly of course – I’ve long been fascinated by my dreams, and have been a student of dreams for as long as I can remember.

Dreams, for me, have been prophetic in many ways – in that what I experience in dreams HAS actually come true at some point down the line.

In fact, I dreamt of a person last year – I “heard” his name in the dream – and even “saw” the guy – and was “asked to go to his bar” in the dream – and remember, I did NOT know this person from Adam at the time.

Yet, a few weeks later, I ended up working for this person doing some part time (and well paid) teaching!

Mysterious and esoteric are the ways of the Universe – and if we only let things unfold while playing our part as we should, the world would be a far, far better place than what it is today.

So, the dream itself was complicated – and I’m not going to get into that – but a girl showed up in my dreams.

A girl I knew in high school – and a girl that was always (and seemingly by nature) – deliciously dominant!

No, she wasnt good looking. Her figure … well, average to say the least. She didn’t have “legs that never end” (as Princess Joanie does! ;)).

And so forth – but as I always say in my books, true femdom isn’t about looks. It’s about the attitude – that look in the eyes … and that naughty SPARK in the eyes when it comes to talking about, discussing or engaging in femdom!

When I was in high school, this girl often playfully referred to me as her servant – I have NO idea why – and another of her friends, always with her, giggled away.

Though most of the folks at that school were of Indian descent (subcontinent), astute observers of the subcontinent will know that the North Eastern part of India has more than a few people of “Chinese” descent – and her friend was one of these.

And even at that young age of 13 – when I had just well and truly awakened to my fetish – I was “attracting” Chinese women to me – or those of Chinese descent!

We truly do attract what we think about at the deepest levels whether we know it or not. Again, and as I said in the last post – like moths to a FLAME!

I still remember being told when I was young to “stay away” from Chinese women by my parents (with whom I don’t have a relationship for various reasons) – a highly idiotic comment if there ever was one (and one in a long line of idiotic, baseless, and senseless comments made by them) – but one made because though I hadn’t quite realized my love for Chinese (or Asian) women at that time – they probably picked up on it subconsciously.

I still remember my Dad looking at me mournfully and saying “they’ll grab you!”.

“You won’t be able to escape!”

And curiously enough or not those are the exact same words and phrases I’m using in my books years later – and not just because my wussy father said so – it’s because these words and phrases have come TRUE for me over the years – and I’ve come to enjoy said occurrences immensely!

And that brings me back to the central point – that being SHE should enjoy it first – and more – for it to be successful.

Remember – guys often try and “force” their women into femdom and the woman often ends up doing it out of “obligation” – but doesn’t really like it.

In “Humiliation Central” I write about an experience I had with an ex – and though I did NOT force her into femdom (quite the opposite, actually!) – I DID tell her freely of my preferences, and though she tried to “dominate” me – it was NEVER a satisfactory experience because she was NOT into it.

Of course, if I had known what I do now about how to get your woman into femdom, it might have been a different tale, but thats another story for another time!

Back on point (yet again, I know!) – it’s all about her – and even vanilla relationships work the same way.

If the woman isn’t happy about things in a relationship, it’ll never really work out.

The girl I referred to in high school “Shikha” (I believe that was her name) was, on the other hand, truly enjoying calling me her servant (for whatever reason!) – and she’d even put her leg up on a chair on occasion, point to a dirty black “boot” of sorts, and tell me to wipe it clean … while her other friend giggled away next to her.

Is it any wonder I’ve experienced the exact same thing years later and have written about it?

I think NOT!

Anyhow, point is this – SHE has to enjoy it first – else it won’t work – and that is PRECISELY why I wrote “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland“, and though I’ve mentioned Chinese ladies repeatedly in that book, truth be told, what I’ve said in that book holds true for ladies – and D/s relationships – anywhere in the world.

It’s a great, great lil’ read – and one I highly recommend reading if you haven’t been able to find your dominant lady as yet – or if you’re currently in a D/s relationship that “isn’t quite working out from a D/s perspective”!

And that’s it for this post. I’ll be back later.


Mike Watson

P.S. – Here is where you can get your hands on the little guide I mentioned above – –

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