Sin City Diaries – Volume #1!

Dear Reader,

Many, many years ago  –  – in 2004 to be precise I was a callow youth of 23, fresh out of college, and with no real idea of what I wanted to do in the real world.

While I was a computer science graduate by virtue of my degree, I wasn’t in the least bit interested in being a code monkey. Web design was something that interested me – – but again, just on my terms – – not for me the boring humdrum of 9-5, and so forth!

All I really know is I wanted to do my own thing – – even back then – – but sadly had no idea on how translate that initial idea into ACTUALITY along with the confidence required.

But as they say, and as I say all the time in my writings, its nigh impossible to get away from who one “really is”.

And soon enough, after a lot of searching at that, I received two job offers – one which would have required me to become a code monkey at a large multi-national, and the second an offer to work as an I.T specialist in a small company.

The second was a risky choice, but allowed freedom. The first was a “staid” and safe option. And I think we all know which option I ended up choosing!

This option led me to China – and was possibly by far the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.

I have had, and continue to have some of the best years of my life in China – and I’m not just referring to sexual aspects of my life and fetishes here. I’m referring to everything – finances, fitness, sex – relationships – everything included!

Sure, there have been a few rocky bits along the road, but by and large, China has treated me well – very well – better than most expats I’ve heard stories from – and many have asked me if my “reality mixed in with creative license” tales – especially on the Chinese femdom front – are TRUE!

And my answer always has been – YES, they’re true!

Everything I’ve written about on this website and/or selling through Amazon or the FDC site itself is based upon events that have occured – at least partially if not fully.

But what I’ve not gone into in detail in the past is the actual background behind the “reality” of the stories, as well as the actual EMOTION behind the scenes, which to be honest was a major, major driving force years later in me putting together all the books I have – – and being in more than one actual femdom relationship with a Chinese woman!

You may know, for instance, if you’re read “Owned by Madam Aa Ling“, that Madam Aa Ling literally went from working at a brothel to pretty much owning and running her American client’s life, but did you, for instance, know about my REAL meeting with Madam all those years ago?

The first time she kissed me, so full on the lips that it felt like I knew her from ages, and ages ago … 

Or, for instance, you may have read that a lady at a foot massage parlor in China was the one that re-opened my eyes (and cock!) to the joys of nipples play, but did you know HOW I met this lovely lady and the many subsequent meetings and encounters I had with her?

Probably not, and it’s in THIS spirit that I’ve put together the first Volume of Sin City Diaries – which you can access right here – –

If you’re in the least bit interested in the background of my “actual” tales – – and the actual EMOTION  – – and REAL PEOPLE – – behind the “scenes” as it were, then this is a must read for you!

Alternatively, if you’re interested in a real life and blow by blow account of how things used to “go down” (pun intended!) in what used to be known as Sin City of the world back in the day, then this is for you as well!

Dive in – – I’m sure you’ll enjoy the tales as much as I am enjoying bringing them to you!


Mike Watson

P.S. – My new course “25 ways to truly humiliate him and have him groveling for MORE is selling like hotcakes – another must read if you’re into sexual humiliation of any nature, form or shape – – It truly IS the “Grand Central” of humiliation, my friend!

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