Being comfortable with who you REALLY are

Dear Reader,

Many moons ago, I remember a (then) girl friend of mine screaming at me in front of the sorority dorms in the Southern United States.

“No, we’re not breaking up! We’re going into counseling TOMORROW! We can get past this!”

The tiff in question was (in the grand scheme of things) a bit of an immature one as well as a fairly irrelevant one, but my love for feet was one thing that always came to the fore.

Feet, domination, my general “disinterest” towards vanilla sex, and so forth.

This same (good hearted) girl often told me to “forget about my fetish”. To “seek help for it”. That “why would someone want a girl to be a bitch to you”? And so forth ..

All good hearted advice to be sure, and she was looking out for me, but it was the WRONG advice to have given, and even a teenage Mike Watson knew in his heart of hearts that a) it was wrong and b) despite what “others” said about it, it’s always best to follow what makes you REALLY happy.

And what makes you really happy is being true to yourself, recognizing and being comfortable “in your own skin” and then not worrying a toss about what others “think about it”.

I’ve always been brutally honest and upfront (as I am in my writings) – – and this is exactly how I am in life as well.

I am who I am – – and from a femdom standpoint, this likely results in what I’ve written about on the homepage in terms of “attracting what I want without trying”.  I used the moth and flame analogy on the home page – – and yet another analogy is what I posted on the Twitter account this morning – – that being that the sea doesn’t run after the rivers.

The rivers just “flow” into it …

The sea just IS – and so should you, my dear reader.

Fetishes in general are NOT something to be ashamed of. True, there’s a fine line, and if it starts impacting your life to the point that you can’t take care of other facets of your life (because of your “addiction”), well, then a change is required – but for the most part I’ve found that folks need the opposite i.e. to be comfortable with their deepest desires, and express themselves as they REALLY want to be.

This is key, my friend. It’s a huge key to “attracting without trying” – – and you’ll see what I mean when you implement this way of living into your own lifestyle.

So if you’ve been told to “forget your foot fetish”, for instance, forget what you’ve been told rather than the fetish.

First thing you know, you’ll never ever forget what you truly want – and who you truly ARE. You  may attempt to escape it, but it ain’t gonna work for the long term.

Other hand, EMBRACE who you are, and be unashamed about it – and watch what you “desire” appear in your life almost magically!

OK, that’s it for today. I’ll post more about this later …


Mike Watson


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