Krystal – the teaching assistant – Volume #3

Dear reader,

Well, Volume #3 is on the way as promised (currently in the editing phase) and this is yet another book based upon the “real life plus fiction” theme that I so love to use when writing.

Keeping it real has ALWAYS been a mantra for me, be it in real life or otherwise, and my writing mirrors this philosophy as well.

Anyway, I’m back to the ideation phase now. Just wanted to drop a “shout out” to my readers … be on the  lookout for Volume #3 in what seems to be a most popular series … on the way SOON!

More mental games, more physical PAIN – and most of all, a healthy (very healthy indeed!) dose of REALISM mixed in which it really what (in my own opinion, at least) makes this and all my other work thus far a good read!

Here are the previous two Volumes for those that haven’t “grabbed it already”


Mike Watson

P.S. – The entire catalog is right HERE – Books


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